The loves of my life

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sky's superhero birthday party! 5 years old!

Super Kien! He is so cute! This picture was actually taken in April, I realized I didnt' get any of Kien during Sky's party! He was so cute, he was wearing this superman shirt with cute little red shorts.

Sky is 5 years old! I can't believe it! He has grown so much just these past few months. I was looking back at pictures from Christmas and he looked so much smaller! His Christmas jammies we got him are too short on him now. My little guy is growing up.

Sky chose to have a spiderman cake this year and a superhero birthday party! Him and Kayala helped me decorate some cup cakes. Kayala bean was so proud of the cupcakes she decorated :)

Sky had a blast giving himself a frosting mustache. He ate so much frosting with food coloring in it! That night he woke up at 3 in the morning coughing and not feeling well. Luckily he was fealing much better for his party, but his voice is gone and he is still coughing today. Poor guy, I should have paid more attention to how much he was eating. But now all he wants is carrot juice and kyolic because he wants to get better.

This year we actually had his birthday on his birthday! May 7th, this year it happened to fall on a saturday, which was perfect!

Kayala put this on and was so excited to get a picture with the cake!

That blue guy is mega mind, great movie! You should see it!

Shanna and Joe! It's so nice having them close!Jason and Shandra North with their cute kiddos, Jadon, Keagen, and Loflen (spelling?)Sky and Kayala love playing with them!Nolan's so funny, he was so excited to get the spider cupcake and he licked the spider off and was all done, LolHehe, I had to get a picture of this, I love Keagen's style of eating cupcakes!Cute little tanner! We love him! He's a little angel! He is Wade and Jolene's, he is a month younger than Kayala

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter 2011

I wish I got more pictures, but while in Missouri we stayed with our friends Matt and Becca Secor. They have truly felt like family to us, our dear brother and sister and neices and nephew in Missouri. They made us a delicious steak dinner and a huge breakfast with waffles and buttermilk syrup and sausge and fresh fruit, it was amazing! We miss them so much and are grateful that we got to know them! And we look forward to getting visits from them whenever they are in town and making them delicious meals :)

Cute little Maxy, he is just a few weeks older than Kien :)
They have this awesome bouncer and Kien is always bouncing anyways, whenever you stand him on your lap he bounces, he loved it! That kept him entertained for a long time.

Alex was so cute, she loved playing with Kien and was so excited to see him :)

There are the two little buddies :)

Cade did it! He finally graudated from Logan College of Chiropractic! We both thought the day would never come, it always seemed so far away, so distant, but it finally came, the light at the end of the tunnle! Now we can look forward to paying off our millions of dollars of student debt! And I know Cade is excited to start helping people get well :) that is why he chose this profession in the first place. I love you Cade! Congradulations! And you don't have to thank me for staying by your side, every moment of every day, chearing you on, suffering through your stress, and moodiness, and logan Chaos, hehe, love you! We did it! You did it! What a testimony to me that with the Lord's help, we can accomplish anything!

Cade's parents gave us these beautiful lays from Hawaii! We love them and they looked so good with our attire! Thank you Mom and Dad Broderick!

Thank you Mom and Dad Broderick, for your love and support! We are so glad you made it out there to celebrate this huge accomplishment! And we never felt closer to you after those long dreadful hours piled in the tiny car :)

Muuuuaaahhh!!! My sexy Dr. husband! that is the first time I have kissed a dr. well, if you don't count my dad :)

Good Bye Logan and good ridence!